Handmade Tricycle Flower Basket

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It's a warm spring day, flower blossoms are reaching out to bask in the warm sun and the sound of a vintage bicycle bell chimes in the distance as the aroma of lilacs fills the air.

This wonderful vintage tricycle flower basket reminds me of simpler times, cobble stone streets and fresh baked bread. (maybe I'm just hungry)

What a lovely addition to your home filled with fresh flower clippings, herbs or even a nice collection of artificial flowers for year round enjoyment.

These unique flower baskets would be the perfect center piece for a wedding table or your kitchen table - the possibilities are endless.

Where would you proudly display this charming piece?

Size: 20cm / 7.87" (overall Length), 9cm / 3.54" (flower basket height), 8cm / 3.15" (handlebar height)

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