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glowing fireflies in a jar

When I was a kid (waaaaaay back when) I loved playing in the yard and garden, collecting bugs, frogs and fairies (fireflies). There really wasn't a time I could remember when my hands weren't dirty after a good long day outside.

Now, a few years have gone by and my own family loves spending time outside, you guessed it collecting bugs, frogs and fireflies...

Welcome to our secret little world of fairy gardening. Where woodland creatures and the cutest little fairies shop to make their home an enchanted garden of wonder.

(well okay the woodland creatures aren’t shopping so much but you have to wonder if they have their own secret language that only a select few can hear… I swear I’ve heard a whispered “I want a new toad stool to perch on in the warm spring sun”)

Have you heard them too?

Our family loves finding new treasures for you to make a happy home for the fairies in your neighborhood. And we strive to offer quality products and even better customer service every time you visit our site.

We hope you enjoy the collection of micro minis, figurines, succulent planters and garden inspired home decor we've found so far.

Thanks again for stopping by. We hope you find new gifts for your garden and have fun immersing yourself in the magical world of fairy gardening.

Come back again soon to find out what we have in store for you!