Wine Saver Combination Lock

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Hey hands off my Bordeaux!

This clever gadget is perfect for wine lovers that simply do not want to share. Protect your favorite wine from sneaky wine thieves and keep it fresh at the same time.

Not only a great gift for wine drinking friends that don't like to share but a useful tool to ward off Burgundy burglars, or Champagne charlatans.

Works on open bottles to keep them fresh and on unopened bottles you want to keep secure.

  • Have a rare vintage you want to make sure is saved for a special occasion?
  • Afraid your teenage kids are going to have a party when you are gone?
  • A husband that keeps sneaking your favorites?
  • A wife that steals the best bottles for girls night?
  • Pets that like to live it up when you are on vacation? (okay maybe not that one)

These secure devices will come in handy in many situations, plus it is so much fun when guests are over when you key in your passcode like you are a world class sommelier brandishing a $27,000 Chateau Lafite!

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